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KS1 English SATs practice paper E

TheSchoolRun KS1 SATs English practice test E
Look through our new-style KS1 SATs practice papers to familiarise your child with the new Y2 assessments format. Written by primary-school teachers exclusively for TheSchoolRun subscribers.
Keystage:  KS1, Year 2

New-style SATs papers have been used for the end-of-KS1 assessments since May 2016, to reflect the revised primary curriculum in England.

As part of the English test, children were due to be assessed on their spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) in May 2016. However, following the KS1 SATs spelling paper accidentally being made available on the Department for Education website before the test, Schools Minister Nick Gibb removed the requirement on schools to administer the Key Stage 1 grammar, punctuation and spelling test for 2016 only.

Sample papers showing the sorts of questions that will be asked in the KS1 test have been produced for teachers by the DfE.

You can download the official 2016 KS1 English SATs paper for free from TheSchoolRun.

TheSchoolRun has also produced five complete mock papers, written in the style of the Y2 SATs, for at-home practice and study. Prepared by primary-school teachers, the practice papers offer children the opportunity to practise the kinds of questions they might be asked to answer in the May assessments. All answers are provided so you can mark your child's work at home.

In this TheSchoolRun practice test E you will find four papers:

  • English Reading Paper 1: Reading prompt and answer booklet (The Princess and the Pea and Sleep)
  • English Reading Paper 2: Reading answer booklet (King Midas and Gold)
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: spelling 
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: questions

Please note: our practice papers have not been prepared for official assessment purposes and we are unable to offer scoring / levels information for teachers.

How to use these KS1 SATs practice papers

Allow your child to complete the tests in a quiet room without any help.

KS1 SATs are not strictly timed, but Reading Paper 1 should take approximately 30 minutes to complete, Reading Paper 2 around 40 minutes, SPAG Paper 1 about 15 minutes and SPAG Paper 2 around 20 minutes.

Following the test, it will really help your child to sit down and work through the answers together – use the marking information provided. Remember to talk about what they have achieved and review any questions they may have found tricky. Encourage them to look carefully at the different question types so they feel confident about how to answer them quickly and accurately.

As with anything new, reassure your child that this practice test is simply a way of checking what they have been learning in class. Talking through the test and praising their understanding will really help them to feel confident and achieve their very best in May!

More KS1 English SATs practice papers to download

All our practice papers are available to TheSchoolRun subscribers only. Follow the links below to download all the papers for your child.

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