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The Learning Journey reward chart and certificates

Learning Journey reward chart
Support your child's Learning Journey with these fantastic motivational resources – a colourful reward chart where you can set your own challenges and choose rewards together, and printable certificates to celebrate success.

Everyone needs a little praise! If your child is about to start the Learning Journey, why not use the reward chart to keep them motivated and on track. It is designed so you can personalise them with your child's name and with challenges and rewards you've decided on together.

The Learning Journey reward chart

You can use the reward chart to set goals and challenges for your child and decide on rewards together. Simple print it out and then sit with your child to fill it in together. Make sure you start with some small, easily achievable goals with equally small rewards, and then build up to something big. Why not buy some stickers for your child to use when they complete a challenge?

We've got lots of ideas for challenges and rewards – and they don't have to cost you a penny!

Some ideas for challenges:

  • Set a number of worksheets to complete
  • Set a number of weeks of the Learning Journey to complete
  • Learn one of your times tables
  • Complete a certain number of worksheets on a specific subject
  • Get full marks in a spelling test
  • Read a book and write a book report
  • Specific challenges relating to the topics covered in that year’s LJ (for example if your child is in Year 1, you might challenge them to learn phonics sounds; retell a fairy tale; write a letter to grandma; learn number bonds to 20)
  • Write a story
  • Set a number of practice handwriting sheets to complete
  • Learn about a certain topic

Some ideas for rewards:

  • Play a board game together
  • Bike ride
  • Trip to park/playground
  • Family movie night (DVD and popcorn)
  • Bus/train ride into town
  • Friend for a sleepover
  • Baking session
  • Painting session
  • Make a special craft project together
  • Pick the menu for dinner
  • Extra computer/TV/game console time
  • Special dessert
  • Staying up late on a Friday/Saturday
  • Skip your weekly chores
  • Extra story at bedtime
  • Stickers
  • Campout in the back garden or living room
  • Trip to museum
  • Spending the night at friends/grandparents
  • Having a bubble bath
  • Swimming/bowling/skating/kite flying
  • Make sock puppets
  • Picnic
  • Planning a day’s activities
  • Planting something in the garden
  • Choosing a special breakfast
  • Time alone with mum or dad (no siblings allowed!)
  • Putting up Xmas decorations
  • Ordering pizza
  • Midnight feast
  • Special snack in lunchbox
  • Do a big jigsaw puzzle together
  • Obstacle course in the garden
  • Build a play fort out of old boxes
  • Have a doll’s tea party
  • Go star-gazing
  • Go on a treasure hunt
  • Potato printing
  • Make a photo book together
  • Make a home movie

Download the Learning Journey reward chart

Learning Journey certificates

We're got certificates that you can print off and fill in when your child finishes part or all of their Learning Journey then stick on the fridge door!

Download your certificate