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Long division explained

Long division explained
Long division is used to divide a large number by a two- (or more) digit number. It is set out in a similar way to short division. We've started off some calculations. Can you can continue each one on your own?
Keystage:  KS2, Year 5


When do children learn about long division?

Long division is usually introduced in KS2 (Year 3 to 6).  It is often taught in Year 5 or 6, when children are 9 to 11 years old. However, the timing may vary slightly depending on the school and the curriculum that they follow. 

Some children struggle with long division because the numbers are bigger and there is a multistep process. With this in mind, it is important to practise with your child at home and build their confidence. 


How will this long division KS2 worksheet help? 

Our long division KS2 worksheet has been created and checked by teachers, and is presented in a colourful and fun layout. Long division is explained in accessible terms with a helpful demonstration. Your child will then be asked to complete some long division equations on their own, with the answers provided along the side of the page. 

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