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Mastering money maths

Mastering money maths learning pack
Feeling confident about all aspects of money is a fundamental life skill, and it’s all about applying mathematical knowledge to pounds and pence. From simple addition and subtraction to division, multiplication and decimal calculations, help your child practise their money maths with games, activities and worksheets, as well as teachers’ tips to support financial learning at home. But beware – you might have to play shops (a lot!), as well as rewarding calculator challenges with pocket money bonuses!

What you'll find in your copy of Mastering money maths:

  • A year-by-year overview of how money is taught over the key stages
  • Teachers’ tips for supporting money maths at home
  • Easy activities and games the whole family can play to boost their money skills
  • 50 worksheets, suitable for EYFS, KS1 and KS2, covering coin and note identification, giving change, converting pence into pounds and pounds into pence, understanding unit prices, rounding up and rounding down, percentages and budget management


More money worksheets, games and activities are available on the site.

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