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Mixed times tables challenge

Mixed times table worksheet KS2
Use this mixed times tables KS2 worksheet to help your child practise their times tables. Encourage them to find the missing numbers in these times tables questions.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 4

Why is it important for your child to know their times tables?

Knowing times tables is essential for children's maths success. It forms the basis for basic arithmetic, helping them quickly and accurately solve multiplication and division problems. 

This foundational skill builds confidence, boosts mathematical fluency, and prepares them for more advanced concepts in school. Additionally, it has practical applications in daily life, aiding in activities like shopping, cooking, and problem-solving. By mastering times tables, children not only enhance their problem-solving abilities but also develop a positive attitude towards maths, reducing the likelihood of maths anxiety

How is this mixed times tables worksheet helpful?

Mixed times tables, which involve practising multiplication facts in a random or mixed order rather than sequentially, offer several benefits for children's mathematical development. It helps with your child's ability to recall their times tables as it challenges their memory and ensures they can retrieve the information regardless of what order it is in. In the real world, maths problems rarely present themselves in sequential order, so this worksheet will help prepare your child for solving times tables problems outside of the classroom. 

You will find two pages of questions, each with a missing number that your child needs to figure out, and two pages of answers. has plenty of resources to help build upon, and consolidate, your child's times tables knowledge