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Modal verbs practice

Modal verbs practice
A fun Year 5 English worksheet made by a teacher to help primary-school children understand modal verbs. It includes examples and activities to make learning about modal verbs enjoyable and engaging.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 5

What are modal verbs?

Modal verbs are special words that add different meanings to sentences. They often talk about possibilities, abilities, or obligations. For example: can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will, and would are all modal verbs. When we say things like, "You can go outside," or, "She must finish her homework," we're using modal verbs to show what someone can do or what they should do. 

Modal verbs are important in understanding the meaning and context of what we're saying.

What are examples of modal verbs?

Here are some examples of modal verbs that Year 5 children might encounter:

  • Can: I can swim.
  • Could: She could read when she was three.
  • May: You may go to the park after dinner.
  • Might: It might rain later.
  • Must: You must finish your homework before bed.
  • Shall: Shall we go to the zoo tomorrow?
  • Should: You should brush your teeth before going to bed.
  • Will: I will help you with your project.
  • Would: He would like to visit the museum.

How will this year 5 modal verbs worksheet help your child?

This Year 5 modal verbs worksheet was created by an experienced teacher with the purpose of helping your child to learn about modal verbs at home, and reinforce what they are being taught at school. 

Your child will find clear and useful examples and explanations, and then they will be asked to look at the sentences and insert a modal verb that works within the sentence.

For more information about Year 5 English topics, check out our hub. You can also try our Modal verbs and the subjunctive worksheet for a slightly harder challenge.

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