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Rewards resources pack

Home SchoolIng Rewards pack
Achievement assemblies and teachers' gold stars may not be possible right now – but we've made it easy to reward your child for effort, perseverance and all-round excellence with our Home Schooling Rewards pack. There are a few "well done" stickers and certificates that adults can work towards, too – and who will win the Kindness Cup in your house this week?

Help your child celebrate their achievements and reward their efforts with our rewards resources. Whether you want to use a chart to track your child's progress with reading, award a certificate for times tables excellence or give out "well done" trophies to the whole family, we've made it easy with fun designs and "stickers".


(And because parents deserve every award going at the moment, we've included some achievement stickers for adults, too, as well as a certificate which you can display with pride in the background of a work Zoom call – if your child decides you deserve it, of course!)