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/Sh/ and /ch/ words Snap (Phase 3 phonics)

/Sh/ and /ch/ words Snap
A free Phase 3 phonics game created by an experienced teacher to help your child practise their Phase 3 phonics learning. This printable activity covers /Sh/ and /Ch/ words in a simple game of Snap.
Keystage:  EYFS, Reception


What is phonics? 

Phonics is a way of teaching children how to read and pronounce words by connecting the sounds of letters to the written symbols. Phonics is like the key that helps unlock the code of reading by teaching your child the sounds that letters make.

What happens in Phase 3 phonics? 

Phase 3 phonics expands on the concepts taught in Phase 1 and Phase 2 by introducing sounds that are not as commonly used (or phonemes). Depending on the curriculum your school uses, there are usually around 25 of these sounds, which often consist of two letters combined.

Children will be taught more challenging words and they will learn both the names of the letters and the sounds associated with them. 

Teachers might employ things like mnemonics (memory aids), mini whiteboards, word cards, and alphabet songs to aid in teaching these difficult words to children.

How can you use this worksheet to help with Phase 3 phonics?

Your will need to read the word cards together with your child and discuss which card belongs to which picture. 

Shuffle the word cards and share them between two players. The oldest player starts the game by turning over a card and placing it face up on the table or floor. Each player then takes turns placing cards, face up, next to the card. 

When the word card and picture card match that’s SNAP! The player with most cards at the end wins.

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