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Step-by-step guide to downloading worksheets and SATs papers

Step 1. Log in!

Whether you are a registered user or a subscribed user you will need to be logged in to the site to download any of our resources. Please note: if you are a registered user you will not be able to download any of our subscriber-only material.

Put your username (not your email address!) and your password into the green box on the home page, top right.


Once you are logged in the  box will look like this:


Step 2. Do you have a PDF reader installed on your computer?

Adobe Reader is the global standard for electronic document sharing, used by almost all websites. It is a PDF file viewer which allows you to open and read all PDF documents – like the ones on TheSchoolRun – easily. If you don't have Adobe Reader installed you can download it for free.

Step 3: Pick your worksheet

Decided what you're going to download? Click the orange download button!

Step 4: Download

Usually at this point your chosen document will either open in your browser (and you will be given the option to save it to your chosen location on your computer or print it) or download automatically onto your machine into your Downloads folder. Once it is saved on your machine you can reopen it and print it as many times as you wish; you won't need to be logged in to TheSchoolRun.

Step 5: Still can't see your download?

Downloading worksheets can be a very fast process – so fast, in fact, that it's done before you know it! If your computer's download settings don't state that files should be automatically opened once they've downloaded you might 'lose' your download and not know where it's gone! If that's the case start by checking your Downloads folder (usually on the Desktop) – that's where it's most likely to be. Change your settings to 'Confirm open after download'. If it's not in your Downloads folder, could the document have downloaded onto a different location on your computer? Please check any other folders that you have downloaded to in the past.

Still having problems? Email us at [email protected] and include your phone number; we'll do our best to help and find out what the gremlin in the system is!