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Top tips for your family's ski holiday

Lots of children skiing
Skiing holidays can take a great deal of organisation, especially if you are new to the slopes. But with our expert advice you can plough through the planning, leaving you more time to enjoy your family holiday.
  1. Don't skimp on warm clothing. Keep in mind that the weather can change dramatically when you're out on the slopes. The best advice is to have a thermal inner layer of clothing under a warm and waterproofed outer layer. The layers will provide a good degree of warmth whilst you're on chair lifts and in the snow, whilst also allowing you to unzip the outer layer in order to cool down a bit when the weather is warmer or when you are most active. Everyone needs good quality gloves or mittens, scarf, socks and waterproof shoes to protect them when out in the snow and the elements.
  • Keep in mind that clothes may get wet and/or sweaty quite quickly and that a few changes of clothes – particularly thermals and socks – would be recommended to avoid having to launder clothes daily to have them ready for the next day of fun in the snow.
  • Try to rent your ski equipment before your holiday wherever possible as resort rental providers will often offer discounts if the equipment is rented in advance or online. You can also get much better deals by renting and returning equipment from off-mountain providers on the way to the slopes rather than paying the top prices when renting on the day from the on-mountain providers.
  • It's commonplace for many of us to be able to book holidays online these days, but don't forget about the expertise that experienced travel professionals can offer. There's still plenty that specialist skills and experience can offer when booking family holidays in the snow, from finding the best deals on flights or other modes of travel, route planning, activities and specialist interests. Most importantly they can help you to find the best destination to suit your family's interests and skill level.
  • When considering accommodation options, keep in mind that after skiing, your family will be coming off the slopes very tired. The closer your accommodation is to the slopes, the better, as you'll all be looking forward to a hot shower as soon as you can get it.
  • Finding the right resort for your family is very important in getting the best out of your skiing holiday. If you’re looking for the quintessential European skiing experience, look towards the old classics such as Austria, the French Alps, Andorra, Switzerland and Italy. Some of the most affordable and least crowded slopes and family focused resorts are now in Eastern Europe. Try Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Poland and the Czech Republic.
  • Many snow activities have significant risks associated with them. Always use appropriate equipment, always get training and/or expert advice and never take risks. Make sure that you have travel insurance and that it covers all of the activities that you’re planning to do or may do while on holiday.
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