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100 of the best educational toys for Christmas

Christmas toys
Looking for great Christmas presents? TheSchoolRun team have picked 100 of the best educational toys, from maths games to spelling challenges, chemistry sets to telescopes. Every single one of them offers hours of fun and lots of learning to children aged 4 to 11. Don't do your present buying until you've read it!
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All too often must-have toys are five minutes' wonder, and the cardboard box can sometimes offer more play value than the toy.

That's why we've selected 100 brilliant educational toys which guarantee family fun and enjoyment as well as boosting your child's vocabulary, reinforcing numeracy and stimulating creativity.

This Christmas morning will your child be setting up a domino rally, conducting a kitchen science experiment or building an electrical circuit?

With so many learning toys for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, Father Christmas will find it easy to choose the right gifts!