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4 paper play projects for children

Paper play projects for children
Paper can be a snowflake, a paper chain, a fortune teller, a windmill, a piece of modern art, a magic trick, a sculpture, a hat or any one of a hundred other things. Find out just how much fun a humble sheet of paper can be with this extract from Paper Play: Roll it. Rip it. Fold it. Snip it! by Lydia Crook. All you need is scissors and glue – and paper, of course!
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From the traditional (fold a paper aeroplane!) to the ambitious (design a new constellation!), there are endless possibilities contained within every page of plain paper. Our extract from Paper Play: Roll it. Rip it. Fold it. Snip it! by Lydia Crook acts as an introduction to an infinitely adaptable material, with the potential to offer hours of creative fun and wonderment whenever and wherever you are.

Click on the images below to download PDFs of the making instructions and print them.

Make an origami fortune teller

Predict the future and amaze your friends with this traditional paper toy.

Make a paper rose

What colour will your rose be? You could spray it with some perfume to make it smell sweet, then display it in a vase. Just remember it won't need any water!

Make a magic one-sided shape

What makes this shape magic? You'll have to put it together to find out...

Make your own paper town

Print your own town – and why not design and draw and make some extra buildings to enlarge it? Can you add a school, a skyscraper and a swimming pool?

More paper play fun for children

If you've enjoyed this extract from Paper Play: Roll it. Rip it. Fold it. Snip it! by Lydia Crook (£9.99, Ivy Press), invest in the book for loads more paper play ideas, from making a whirlyjig to finger puppets, a paper lantern and some spectacular spinners!