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Year 6 11 plus articles

How to make online tutoring work for your child
How to make online tutoring work for your child
Is your child preparing for the 11+ or getting support with general studies? Two tutors share their advice on making the most of online tutoring.
How to teach your child to use a dictionary
How to teach your child to use a dictionary
Learning to use a dictionary is an important curriculum skill and will help your child expand their vocabulary. Here's how to help them find their way around it.
Best algebra apps for kids
Best beginners’ algebra apps for kids
Help your child get to grips with the algebra concepts taught in primary school with apps that help to demystify mathematical equations.
Schoolboy studying in classroom
Helping your primary school child with exam stress
With increasing numbers of children suffering the effects of test anxiety, how can you help your child keep their nerves under control?
Selective and super-selective schools explained
What are selective and super-selective schools?
Places at selective and super-selective schools are highly sought after, with many applicants for every place – but what's the difference between these types of school, and how does the application process work?
What is a grammar school?
What is a grammar school?
What could a grammar school offer your child, and how does the application process work? We explain in our grammar school guide for primary-school parents.
Choosing an 11+ tutor
Choosing an 11+ tutor
Every parent wants their child to have the best chance of 11+ success, and choosing the right tutor could be the key. We explain how to find the best person for your child.
Common entrance exams explained
What are Common Entrance exams?
Common Entrance exams are the route to an independent senior school education for many children. We explain what’s involved.
11+ extended writing task
Top tips for the 11+ English writing task
In some areas, a piece of extended writing is an important component of the 11+. Tutor Anita Clemens explains the secrets of success.
GL Assessment 11+ grammar school entrance tests explained for parents
GL Assessment 11+ tests explained for parents
It’s one of the main developers of grammar school entrance exams in the UK, but what do GL Assessment’s 11+ tests involve?
Lancashire 11+ guide for parents
Taking the 11+ test in Lancashire
What's involved in the entrance assessment for Lancashire's grammar schools? We have the details.
Yorkshire 11+ guide for parents
The Yorkshire 11+ test explained
Yorkshire has six selective schools, split across three local authorities. Here's what you need to know about taking the entrance tests.
Northern Ireland secondary transfer test guide for parents
The Northern Ireland transfer test: Common Entrance Assessment (CEA)
Since the 11+ was discontinued in 2008, pupils in Northern Ireland have taken a transfer test for grammar school entry. We explain what's involved in the Post Primary Transfer Consortium test and the Common Entrance Assessment (CEA).
Surrey 11+ guide for parents
Taking the 11+ in Surrey
Surrey's grammar schools are some of the most competitive in the country. We have the facts you need to know about their entrance exams.
Barnet and Enfield 11+ guide for parents
The 11+ in Barnet and Enfield
Competition is fierce for places at Barnet and Enfield's grammar schools, so what does the 11+ test involve?
Cumbria 11+ guide for parents
Taking the 11+ test in Cumbria
With only one grammar school in Cumbria, we explain what you need to know about entering your child for the entrance test.
Lincolnshire 11+ guide for parents
The Lincolnshire 11+ test explained
With a massive 15 selective schools to choose from, what do you need to know about registering your child for the Lincolnshire 11+?
Liverpool and the Wirral 11+ guide for parents
Taking the 11+ in Liverpool and the Wirral
The Liverpool and Wirral areas have 10 schools that are fully or partially selective. We explain their testing arrangements.
Berkshire 11+ guide for parents
The 11+ test in Berkshire
All the facts you need to know about entering your child for the 11+ test for entrance to the Slough and Reading grammar schools.
Devon 11+ guide for parents
11+ testing in Devon explained
With three separate Local Authorities involved, applying for a grammar school place in Devon can be challenging. We cut through the confusion and explain what parents need to know.
What is a formula?
What is a formula?
Formulae help children to work out answers to mathematical problems. We explain which formulae your child will be taught in primary school, including how to calculate perimeter, area and volume, and how you can help your child feel confident using a formula in primary maths.
What is BODMAS?
What is BODMAS?
We explain the concept of BODMAS, used to help Year 6 pupils remember what order mathematical calculations should be completed in, and offer examples of how children will be taught to use this mnemonic in the classroom.
Mathematical investigations
What are mathematical investigations?
We explain what types of mathematical investigations children will carry out in primary school and give examples of complex investigations they might be asked to solve in KS2.
What are cube numbers?
What are cube numbers?
We explain what cube numbers are and how the concept builds on prior knowledge of square numbers.
What are triangular numbers?
What are triangular numbers?
We explain what triangular numbers are and how able children in Year 5 or 6 might be taught to use algebraic formula to calculate a triangular number.