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Irregular plural nouns wordsearch

Irregular plural nouns wordsearch
See if you can find all the irregular plural nouns for the following words hidden in this teacher-created wordsearch. You may need to look some of them up in the dictionary.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 6, 11 Plus

What are irregular plural nouns in English?

Irregular plurals are special forms that some nouns take when they mean more than one. Usually, when we want to make a noun plural, we just add an 's' or 'es' to the end of it: cat becomes cats, or dog becomes dogs. 

However, there are some words in English that don't follow this rule. Instead of adding 's' or 'es,' they change in a different way altogether. These words are called irregular plurals.

What are some examples of irregular plural nouns in English?

Here are some examples of irregular plural nouns: 

Man - Men
Woman - Women
Child - Children
Foot - Feet
Tooth - Teeth
Mouse - Mice
Goose - Geese
Person - People

How will this activity help you teach your child about irregular plural nouns?

This worksheet, crafted by an experienced teacher, offers a clear explanation of what irregular plural nouns are in English, and challenges them with a fun wordsearch. They first need to decipher what the irregular plural noun is for each word in the list and then search for the irregular plural nouns in the activity. This will will reinforce their knowledge and understanding, and will help them to remember the words when they come across them again.