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Key Stage 1 SATs Maths practice papers F

Key Stage 1 SATs Maths practice papers TheSchoolRun
Can your child draw a reflection of a rectangle in a mirror line? Share a number of objects equally between two children? Sort odd and even numbers? Help them practise for the KS1 maths SATs at home with our practice paper (based on the pre-2016 SATs format).
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Keystage:  KS1, Year 2

From counting on using a number line to simple addition and reading time to the half hour, help your child revise for KS1 SATs by using practice papers at home. Answers are provided to help you mark the paper and check your child's work with them.

Since 2016, children in Year 2 have taken new SATs exams in English and maths. These mock papers, available exclusively for TheSchoolRun subscribers, are based on the old SATs format, but can still be used to give your child valuable exam practice.

Find information about revision and study skills in our KS1 SATs area.

You can also follow the KS1 SATs revision Learning Journey to help your child practise the skills and methods tested in the English and maths Y2 assessments.