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KS2 SATs Grammar, punctuation and spelling practice paper C

KS2 SATs Grammar, punctuation and spelling TheSchool Run practice paper C
Written in the style of the new KS2 SATs Grammar, punctuation and spelling test, our 'SPAG' practice papers will offer your child the chance to get to grips with the question format and practise in preparation for the Y6 tests in May.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 6

Grammar, punctuation and spelling tests (informally known as SPAG tests) were introduced to KS2 SATs in 2013. Since 2016, children in Year 6 have taken new SATs exams in English and maths to reflect the 2014 National Curriculum. These mock papers, available exclusively for TheSchoolRun subscribers, are based on the old SATs format and content, but can still be used to give your child valuable exam practice.

For more information about the new grammar test read our parents' guide to the SPAG test.

How to use the SPAG test practice papers

Allow your child to complete the tests in a quiet room without any help. If possible, time the test and allow them around 30 minutes to complete the grammar and punctuation section. The spelling section should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and will require you to read out each sentence twice with emphasis placed on the underlined word. Look in the answer section for the transcript for each spelling test.

Following the test, it will really help your child to sit down and work through the answers together – use the mark sheets provided.

You can download four further practice tests, exclusive to TheSchoolRun subscribers, to help your child prepare for the KS2 Grammar, punctuation and spelling test at home; click on the images below to go to each individual test.


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