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Letter arrow cards

Letter arrow cards
Free letter arrow cards created by an experienced educator to help children practise putting sounds together and forming some words.

What is word formation or word building?

Word formation is like a fun game where we create new words from the ones we already know, or put sounds together to create words and practise our spelling/reading skills. 

Word formation is all about playing with words, mixing them up, and creating something new and exciting! It's a great way to learn and have fun with language. 

How can you teach word formation to children?

Teaching word formation to children can be engaging and fun! Here are some playful and interactive strategies to help children learn about word building:

  1. Word family activities
    Introduce children to word families – groups of words that share the same root or base word. For example, the -at family includes words like cat, bat, and hat. Create hands-on activities like word family puzzles or sorting games where children can match words with the same ending.
  2. Word creation games
    Encourage children to invent new words through word creation games. Provide them with a set of letter cards or tiles and challenge them to build as many words as they can. You can also play word association games where one person says a word, and the next person has to create a new word related to it.
  3. Rhyming and word play
    Engage children in rhyming activities and word play to reinforce word formation concepts. Sing rhyming songs, read rhyming books, or play rhyming games where children have to come up with words that rhyme with a given word. This helps them recognise patterns in language and develop phonemic awareness.

How will these letter arrow cards help your child learn to form words?

These letter arrow cards were created with the help of an educational expert to help your child develop their word formation skills and reinforce their learning of sound clusters.  Your child will be provided with several pages of arrow cards with different letters and sound clusters. They will need to cut them out (with supervision) and use them to show off their word-building skills!

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