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Magic Maths

Magic Maths learning pack
Are you ready to unleash your maths superpowers? Our number tricks will help you develop X-Ray vision, read minds, memorise hundreds of numbers and more. Add, subtract, multiply, divide and... abracadabra!

Prepare to be amazed... and to be amazing! TheSchoolRun's Magic Maths learning pack is bursting with brilliant number tricks to puzzle over, learn and perform.

Why not show off your X-Ray eyes and look through dice like an X-Ray machine? You can also try your hand at finger multiplication or have a go at a magic jigsaw. Add enormous numbers at lightning speed to great acclaim, read your audience's mind and predict the number they are going to pick, pass your whole body through a sheet of A4 paper and "memorise" hundreds of words and numbers... it's all possible once you've mastered magic maths.

KS1 and KS2 pupils will love getting to grips with 30 different mathematical tricks, understanding how they work and showing off their skills to friends and family.


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