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Managing ADHD Handbook

Managing ADHD Handbook
Publication type: eBook

Living with an ADHD child can be frustrating but we have strategies to help in this helpful eBook. You will learn about managing ADHD with your family life, how to help your children and their ADHD sibling, recognise signs and symptoms, find alternative treatments and much more.

For many parents, a comment from a teacher that your child lacks focus is the first indication that ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) might be an issue. It can be hard to know what to do next...

If you are worried about what to do, or where to turn for advice, our Managing ADHD Handbook is just what you need. Learn how to help your child with their behaviour, and you’ll soon see the benefits for family life.

We’ve teamed up with parenting expert Sue Atkins to give you strategies, tips and resources on how to manage the type of behaviour problems that can stem from ADHD, and put them all together in a handy eBook.

Plus you’ll also find 10 enjoyable activities to do with your child, to keep them engaged and interested in learning while having fun at the same time.


The book can help you if:

  • You’re the parent of a child with behaviour issues
  • You want to learn behaviour management techniques
  • You want to support your child’s learning
  • You want to learn more about ADHD
  • You want to understand more about how to help a child with ADHD
Chapter breakdown:

Your eBookis packed with facts to help you get clear about problem behaviour and take the action your child needs. Inside, you’ll discover all of this:

  • Introduction to ADHD
  • Spotting the signs of ADHD in your child
  • How to manage your child’s ADHD
  • ADHD and family life. Learn how to keep things in perspective, how to help family life run more smoothly and how to look after yourself at the same time
  • ADHD at home - advice on how you and your family can support your child at home
  • ADHD and siblings - simple strategies for you to implement at home to support your child’s siblings
  • Alternative treatments for ADHD - how you can use diet, hypnotherapy and aromatherapy to help with your child’s ADHD and support other treatment PLUS invaluable advice for making bedtime less stressful
  • 10 ways to get active with your kids - let off steam together, get fit and see how this can also help with behaviour
  • Education, health and care (EHC) plans and ADHD
  • Further sources of information about ADHD
  • Top 10 tips for learning at home - turn homework time from hassle to success
  • Your unique child - ensuring labels don’t equal limitations and dealing with diagnosis
  • Working with schools when your child has ADHD

What’s in my Managing ADHD Handbook?

You can be sure that this handbook will help you no matter what stage you’re at – whether you’re wondering about ADHD or have a definite diagnosis. Order your handbook to find out:

  • What is ADHD?
  • Who does it affect?
  • Key characteristics of ADHD
  • Behavioural strategies to use with your child

Plus, you’ll also learn:

  • Support strategies that really work
  • How to improve communication
  • How to create a structure for your daily routine
  • What to do to help your child with organisation and time management
  • How to encourage your child
  • What to do to raise your child’s self-esteem
  • How to use rewards and consequences to promote good behaviour
  • And where to find more help
Published reviews:

“Clear, concise and accurate information. Best of all, very parent-friendly.”
The Lighthouse ADHD Support Group


“Bringing up children with ADHD is challenging, tiring, overwhelming and stressful. This wonderful resource from TheSchoolRun is bursting with useful and practical advice and offers new solutions and fresh ideas to help parents handle ADHD positively and confidently.”
Sue Atkins