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Phase 1 high frequency words flashcards

KS1 high-frequency words flashcards
During Years 1 and 2 your child will be expected to learn to read and spell high-frequency words as well as the days of the week, months of the year, numbers to twenty and colours. Help them practise at home with our colourful flashcards.
Keystage:  KS1, Year 1, Year 2


What are high frequency words? 

Children are taught to read and spell high-frequency words (sometimes known as sight words) as they are learning to read by working their way through phonics phases. These words are difficult to sound out phonetically and are taught at an early stage so that children can become familiar with them. Learning high frequency words helps early readers with their fluency and comprehension. 

What are Phase 1 high frequency word flashcards? 

Designed to support your child's learning in Years 1 and 2, these vibrant flashcards are an engaging tool for mastering high-frequency words.

The colourful design captivates young learners, encouraging regular practice. With our Phase 1 high frequency flashcards, your child will gain confidence in reading and spelling, setting a strong foundation for their educational journey.

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