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Reading and plotting coordinates

Reading and plotting coordinates
Plot these four co-ordinates and then join them up to make a shape. What kind of shape is it?
Keystage:  KS2, Year 4, Year 5


What are coordinates? 

Coordinates are a way to describe the location of a point in a given space. Think of it as giving someone directions to a specific spot on a map. 

in a two-dimensional system (like a map on a piece of paper), coordinates are often written as (x, y). The x value tells you how far to the right or left the point is from a reference point (usually called the origin), and the y value tells you how far up or down the point is from that same reference point.

How can I teach my KS2 child about coordinates? 

Reading and plotting coordinates is part of the KS2 maths curriculum and there are a lot of fun ways to teach your child this skill. In our KS2 coordinates worksheet, your child will need to read and then plot the coordinates on a grid to create a shape. Once they have completed the worksheet, you can grab some paper and you can both have a go at creating your own shapes using coordinates and test each other's skills! 

You can continue to develop your knowledge with our Coordinates and quadrants KS2 worksheet. 

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