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The Stolen Book of Spells: Comprehension Workbook

Reading comprehension pack (KS2): The Stolen Book of Spells
Publication type: eBook

Reading comprehension doesn't have to be dull! The Stolen Book of Spells offers KS2 students an engaging story, challenging questions and a riddle to solve – they'll be so immersed in the narrative they won't even realise they're working on their literacy. Answers are provided so you can mark your child's work and help them improve their ability to comprehend, decode and interpret what they read.

Summary of contents:

Reading well goes way beyond the ability to identify words and stumble through a sentence. In order to fully understand and get the most from a text, children need to be able to:

  • Decode the words into complex meaning
  • Understand the vocabulary involved
  • Make connections between what they read and what they already know
  • Be able to quickly and happily assimilate new information
  • Think about what they have read so they can make inferences and deductions about the full intended meaning as well as form their own opinions

If you'd like to do some reading comprehension practice at home, The Stolen Book of Spells is an engaging, child-friendly learning pack aimed at KS2 children written by primary school teacher Alice Hart.

Your child will need to read the story, answer the questions and solve a riddle to 'help' wizard Benedict find his stolen Book of Spells; suggested answers are provided so you can review your child's work and help them improve.


Have a look inside the comprehension workbook: