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Superstar Spelling Pack

Superstar Spelling Pack cover
Publication type: eBook

Are you a Spelling Superstar? Test your abilities with this fun and challenging spelling pack. Practise high-frequency words, coding short and long vowels, contractions and homophones with these games and activities created by teacher and mum, Clare Winstanley.

Activities include: 

  • Sorting long and short vowels 
  • Practising the 111 doubling rule
  • Word jumbles 
  • Find the hidden message 
  • Creating contractions 
  • Find the missing homophone
  • Playing with plurals 
  • Suffix tracking 
  • Final spelling test 
  • ... and a certificate for becoming a Spelling Superstar! 

Take your spelling to the next level, impress your classmates and boost your confidence with our Superstar Spelling Pack.

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