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Using Venn diagrams

Using Venn diagrams worksheet
Our Venn diagram worksheet is a handy resource created to assist KS2 children in fully understanding the concept of Venn diagrams. It is a teacher-created tool that will help your child go through the process of organising data using Venn diagrams.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 3

What is a Venn diagram?

A Venn diagram is a visual representation used to show the similarities and differences between two or more sets of things. It consists of circles (or other shapes) that overlap, with each circle representing a specific group or category.

Venn diagrams are helpful for organising information and illustrating relationships between different groups. They can be used in various subjects like mathematics, science, and even in everyday situations to analyse and compare different sets of data.

How do I use this KS2 Venn diagram worksheet?

The numbers in the left circle follow one rule; the numbers in the right circle follow another rule. The numbers in the middle follow BOTH rules. Your child will need to sort these numbers into the Venn diagram provided. 

Our KS2 Venn diagram worksheet is both visually appealing and easily understandable, which helps to keep children interested and involved in the learning process.

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