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Word problems: Finding fractions of numbers

Word problems: finding fractions of numbers football worksheet
Read these word problems and see if you can answer them – you'll need to use your fractions skills.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 5


When does my child learn how to find a fraction of a number? 

This skill is typically taught in KS2 and your child will need to know that a fraction is part of a whole. They will then learn how to find a fraction of a number. An easy example would be to find 1/2 of a number. 

To find 1/2 of 10, we find two parts that make the whole (the whole being 10). 

The answer is 5, because two 5s will make 10. 

How will this fraction worksheet help my child? 

This worksheet provides a time-saving resource for teaching fractions of numbers to your child at home. The questions are formatted in a way that will help prepare your child for common exam questions in the future and encourage them to think about fractions in the real world. There are nine questions, all centred around football, that require your child to practise the skill of finding fractions of numbers. 

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