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Year 1 Phonics screening check 2018

Y1 phonics screening check 2018 past paper
The Year 1 Phonics Screening Check, administered in June, tests children's knowledge of phonics with a mixture of real and nonsense words. The official past paper for 2018 will show you what sort of words children are asked to read as part of the assessment.
Keystage:  KS1, Year 1

Children's phonics knowledge has been tested at the end of Year 1 since 2012.

Looking through the Screening Check official test paper for 2018 will give you an idea of what sounds and words (including nonsense words or pseudo words) your child might be expected to read in this year's test.

The 'pass threshold' mark for this 2018 past paper is 32 out of 40 words read correctly.

Download official Year 1 Phonics screening check past papers


You can download the official past paper from 2012 (the first year the Check was administered), 201320142015201620172019 and 2022 for free from TheSchoolRun.

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Year 1 Phonics screening check: practice tests

For more practice materials see our Y1 Phonics "mock" tests, written to mirror the official test and offer your child some extra opportunities to familiarise themselves with the format of the screening check.

Phonics worksheets, activities and games for KS1

You can also browse through our selection of phonics worksheets, follow our Phonics Learning Journey, read parents' information about the Y1 Phonics screening check or find out more about phonics.

Our phonics subscriber learning packs, Fabulous phonics and Phonics games, offer phonics fun and activities to help boost your child's confidence as they learn to read.


All official Year 1 Phonics screening check papers available on TheSchoolRun are © Department for Education and reproduced under the terms of the Open Government Licence (see our Terms and conditions for further details). They are intended for home use / private study only.