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Year 2 English Learning Journey Pack

Year 2 English Learning Journey Pack
Publication type: eBook

TheSchoolRun's Learning Journey, compiled by Primary School teachers, includes individual programmes for every year of primary school in English and maths.

Each programme comprises 40 worksheets that cover all the core skills that your child will have been taught during the school year.

This instantly downloadable pack includes all 40 worksheets in the Year 2 English programme.

Summary of contents:

In Year 2, you child will build on their phonics work in Year 1 English until they are reading words automatically, without having to sound out. They will continue to read a range of different stories, but also be introduced to non-fiction books.

They will be able to apply the spelling rules they have learnt. They will be more confident in their formation of letters and will learn how to start joining their handwriting. They will have plenty of practice writing stories and will also write some poetry. They will be taught to use capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks correctly. They will also be encouraged to use sentences with two parts, joined by conjunctions such as when, if, that and because.

Support their learning at home with 40 colourful and engaging worksheets. Download the pack today and discover a mix of printable and interactive quizzes, games and activities, so you can be sure your child is going to love completing them.

Published reviews:

'Learning Journeys are an excellent way to engage the children and provide them with appropriate content to extend their learning outside the classroom.' – Survey respondent

'The Learning Journey is really useful as it provides activities by year group and is flexible – you can choose to help your child work through it, or just select areas that you feel would be of most benefit to them.' – Survey respondent

‘I find the Learning Journey excellent with its topics and year groups and worksheets.’ – Survey respondent

Year 2 English Learning Journey Pack Year 2 English Learning Journey Pack