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On Your Marks: Early Handwriting Skills

On Your Marks: Early Handwriting Skills
Publication type: eBook

Mark making is the first step in your child's handwriting journey. You may be wondering how you can help your child to develop their marks into something resembling writing. Michelle van Rooyen, an occupational therapist and handwriting expert, uses her skills and years of experience to provide an incredibly useful and incredibly fun book to help you along the mark-making, handwriting journey — all at a pace that suits your child. 

On Your Marks will help create the building blocks required for effective handwriting, using creative activities that encourage exploration and a love for putting pen/crayon/paint to paper/floor/wall!

This is perfect for children in Nursery or Reception and includes information for parents to help figure out where your child is at and track their progression. It covers everything from the importance of 'crossing the midline', small and large body movements, breathing techniques to reduce stress while learning a new skill, and practising shapes that progressively develop into letters. 

Are you ready to start your mark-making journey? On your marks, get set, go!

Published reviews:

'An informative and beautiful book about pre-handwriting mark making at the formative stages.' – Aileen Johnston, P1 teacher, Glasgow

'As the parent of a 3 year old, I found the insights into development and likely milestones my child will reach to be very helpful. My child enjoyed the messy play and hand-painting activities, and I appreciated the suggestions on how to encourage my child to gain more hand control. I'll keep this workbook handy as my daughter grows further and can use the more challenging activities.' – Danielle, mum to Flora, age 3

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