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Best multiplication apps for kids

Best multiplication apps for kids
Multiplication is one of the most important maths skills your child will learn. We've rounded up the best apps to help your child become a multiplication expert.

The apps reviewed are not produced or distributed by TheSchoolRun. All details were correct when we reviewed them, but please note that some apps can be very short-lived and may become unavailable to download. We are unable to guarantee that the app listings we provide are completely up-to-date at all times.

Best for testing times tables

Multiplication with Ibbleobble, 99p, Apple

This app will help your child become faster at multiplying: a skill that’s needed for SATs and beyond. Questions are based on times tables up to 12x12, which children are expected to have mastered by the end of Year 4.

Your child starts by choosing an Ibbleobble friend to play with, from a range of cute animal characters, and the level of difficulty: if they choose Easy, they won’t be timed, whereas with Medium and Hard, they’ll have to beat the clock. They’re then presented with a series of multiplication problems, and they have to select the correct answer from a choice of three possibilities. As they play, they collect treats for their character: for example, cheeses for Mr Mousey.

The drawback of the app is that it doesn’t help your child with their working out, so it’s best for kids who already have a decent knowledge of multiplication tables, helping them build speed.

Best for learning number facts

Multiple Wipeout, 99p, Android

Multiple Wipeout is designed to help children get to grips with multiplication facts: basic calculations that they’re expected to know by heart. Kids start learning these in Year 2, and should be fluent in them by the time they finish Year 4.

Your child chooses the multiplication fact that they want to practise, from 2 to 12. They then need to pop all the balloons that contain a multiple of that number, as fast as they can, to collect points. But they also need to be accurate, as popping the wrong balloons incurs a time penalty. Trying to improve their previous scores is a good incentive to keep practising.

There are three levels of difficulty to choose from: Easy focuses on one- and two-digit numbers, while Hard includes three-digit problems. Your child can also test themselves in Challenge mode, which takes them through all their multiplication facts in sequence.

Best for KS2

Montessori Maths Multiplication, £4.19, Apple

As children move through primary school, they’ll need to master the skill of carrying over to help them solve multiplication problems using larger numbers. Montessori Maths Multiplication will help them practise what’s known as long multiplication or column multiplication.

In the Play Box, there are three multiplication-based games: Missing Digits (where your child has to fill in the missing numbers in a problem to make the correct answer), Wiz Quiz (long multiplication problems to solve) and Bubble Game, where they’re given a question and have to select the bubble that shows the right answer.

Your child needs to solve problems starting with the units, then tens, then hundreds, and then thousands: the way in which they’re taught to multiply large numbers at school. They earn points for correct answers, which they can spend on customising their character in the Monster Lab.

There is also a Toolbox, which contains three learning aids that will help your child get the hang of multiplication: the Stamp Game, bead frame and multiplication tables.

You can tailor the app to your child by visiting Settings, where you can specify which multiplication facts you want them to focus on, and the smallest and largest multipliers you want them to practise with. The app also adapts to your child’s ability, presenting them with problems that are pitched at the right level.

Best for gameplay

Squeebles Maths Race, £1.99, Apple

Part of the hugely popular Squeebles range of apps from primary school children, Maths Race will appeal to children who have a competitive streak. Playing against the app itself or another person, your child has to solve questions correctly to make their Squeeble win the race and beat their opponent.

This app allows your child to choose which of the four operations (+ - x / ) to practise, in any combination. Select multiplication, and it’ll ask them to pick which numbers to include, from 2 to 12. Your child can also choose the difficulty level: in the higher levels, not only are the problems harder, but the clock counts down faster, too.

Maths Race is great for incentivising your child to do well. They earn stars for answering correctly and winning races, which they can exchange for new characters to play with. They’ll also enjoy trying to beat their previous scores.

Best for practising word problems

Multiply Pizza Pie, £2.99, Apple

Word problems – that is, maths questions that are written out in the form of an everyday problem to solve – are a key feature of KS2 maths SATs papers. Multiply Pizza Pie will help your child refine this skill by casting them as the chef in a busy Italian restaurant.

Your child has to listen to what the customer orders (for example, ‘I would like three pizzas with five pepperoni slices on each’) then tap the chef to create the right number of pizzas, and tap each pizza to add the correct number of toppings, charged at $1 per topping. They then have to write out the calculations in numbers (3x5=15) to bill the customer. The money they earn can be used to furnish their restaurant.

You can choose which multiples your child works with: 2, 3, 4 and 5; 6, 7, 8 and 9; or any single number to focus on.

As your child plays, they unlock more toppings, dishes and restaurants, including Japanese, Mexican, French and Indian, and serve up a whole range of dishes and toppings. Once they’ve completed all 11 levels, they unlock free play mode, where they can choose which restaurant to work in.

Best for learning long multiplication

Maths Loops Multiply, 99p, Apple and Android

This simple app is a brilliant way for your child to practise long multiplication and the skill of carrying over.

You can choose from a range of difficulty levels, ranging from one- and two-digit calculations, right up to problems involving six digits. Your child is then presented with a 3x4 grid, with a different calculation in each square. They have to work out the correct answer, and either type it or write it in with their finger, starting with the units, then tens, then hundreds, and so on. Finding the correct answers reveals a picture, square by square.

There is a free version of the app, which includes ads, but the 99p version is worth investing in to unlock an enormous 2,400 pages of multiplication challenges.

Best two-player game

Math Slide: Multiply and Divide, 99p, Apple

If your child is motivated by pitting themselves against their peers, Math Slide will challenge them to become faster and more fluent at multiplying numbers up to 10.

The device’s screen is split in two, with one player sitting on each side. They are then presented with questions in a range of formats, including straightforward calculations (4x5=?) and missing digit (6x?=18), along with a selection of numbered tiles. The player who’s fastest at sliding the tile showing the correct answer into the middle of screen wins the point.

There are 10 different game levels, increasing in difficulty: for example, Game 1 includes 2x, 5x and 10x calculations, while Game 10 includes multiplication and division problems using all numbers from 2 to 10.

There’s also a single-player mode, which presents your child with a wider range of question formats, including repeated addition using numbered dice, and the grid method.

Best interactive app

Multiplication Table AR App, £3.99, Apple

This app brings multiplication to life using augmented reality (AR) technology that gives your child’s learning a unique interactive interface.

Enable the camera on your device, choose a times table to focus on, and the app appears in 3D. A number is displayed on the bottom of the screen (e.g. 6), along with a range of different multiplication facts (e.g. 3x2), each in an orange ring. Your child has to move the device around, point the viewfinder on screen at the target containing the calculation that matches the given number and press to fire at the target. If they’re correct, the target turns green and the answer is filled in on a multiplication grid on screen.

Your child can practise each times table on its own in sets of 10 questions, or challenge themselves with a round of 100 questions from a mixture of all tables. The app encourages fine motor skills and spatial awareness as well as numeracy skills, but be aware that it only includes multiplication facts up to 10x10, whereas children are expected to know up to 12x12 by the end of Year 4.

Give your child a headstart

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