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Best poetry home education resources

Best poetry home education resources
Do you love poetry, or wish you had more time to explore it? Introduce your family to the delights of the spoken word with this selection of wonderful free poetry resources. Classic poems for children, performance poetry videos, interactive poetry games and kids' poetry podcasts: everything you need to encourage a love of verse is available at the click of a button.

Best for poetry performances

"Poetry doesn't just live in books – it lives in the sounds that words make. We think everyone has a favourite poem, it’s just that they haven’t heard it out loud yet. "

As The Children's Poetry Archive explains, poems come alive when they're read aloud, and the Archive offers over 2,000 poems to listen to for free. Every kind of English-language poetry is represented, some read by poets themselves and some read by other people. There is a wealth of wonderful poetry for children to discover, and the website is easy and fun to use.

We also love the BBC School Radio Talking Poetry website, where leading poets introduce and read some of their best-known poetry for children. 

Best interactive poetry resources

Read Write Think offers a collection of online poetry tools, free to use. Learn about and write acrostic poems, diamante poems, haikus, letter poems, riddles, "found poems" and theme poems and investigate how line breaks affect poetry.

Best poetry technique explanations

Do you know what a limerick is? How to define a rhyme scheme or a free verse poem? Can you identify a narrative poem or an acrostic poem?

Watch quick animations to explain poetry terminology and techniques to KS2 children on BBC Bitesize.

Best online poetry workshops for kids


Jonny Walker and Adisa the Verbalizer run poetry retreats and whole-school poetry workshops with OtherWise Education, but whilst schools are closed they are sharing online activity videos about the pleasure of writing.

Learn to breathe life into characters, explore springtime syllables and the poetry of small things and discover kennings and limericks, all from the comfort of your own writing space.

Best poetry playground website

Write funny poems, play children's poetry and word games, listen to poetry podcasts, try using a rhyming dictionary and explore loads of kids' poetry websites with Poetry4Kids, Kenn Nesbitt's "poetry playground".

There's a huge archive of poetry writing lessons for children to choose from, too, including how to write in different poetic forms and styles and video lessons on acrostic poems and rhyming.

Best poetry activity packs

Poet Shel Silverstein is the author of the American classic The Giving Tree and many collections of poetry (with wonderfully quirky illustrations). His website is packed with poetry activities: download lesson plans, "poet trees", wacky wordplay packs and silly spoonerisms and build vocabulary and boost creativity.

Best kids' poetry archive

You'll find the text of hundreds of poems for children in the Poetry Foundation archive – filter by topic (subject, occasion, holiday), or form (ballad, sonnet, couplet, free verse), period or poet's region.

Some of the poems have audio or video recordings, too, and every text is free to read online.

Best YouTube poetry channel


Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen is a hugely successful poetry YouTube channel, with over 75 million views to date! Watch compendiums of poems written and performed by Michael Rosen, listen to stories, find out more about Shakespeare and access a library of writers’ writing workshops (featured authors include Liz Pichon, Francesca Simon, Malorie Blackman and David Almond).

Best poems to learn by heart

Try a poetry "lucky dip" with the Poetry by Heart Mix It Up showcase collection, 60 poems selected to help primary school pupils and teachers find poems they love and learn them and enjoy them together by reading aloud and learning by heart. From classics by William Wordsworth, Robert Browning, John Keats, Emily Dickinson, Robert Louis Stevenson and Edith Nesbit to contemporary poets like Jackie Kay, Tony Mitton and Philip Gross, the collection includes a variety of periods, styles and voices from the UK and beyond.

There's also a KS1 and KS2 teachers' guide with handy tips to help children practise reciting poetry (and enjoy it!).

Best poetry teaching resources


Poetryline from the National Poetry Centre for Primary Schools offers a huge bank of children's poems and a large number of teaching resources, poet performance videos and interviews to support the teaching of poetry in the classroom. Whether you're looking for classic favourites, want to discover a new poet or plan to help your child explore a poem in depth, look through the free teaching sequences and materials to enhance your understanding (and theirs!).

The BBC Teach website also has a wealth of teaching poetry resources to choose from and poetry writing clips to access. In Understanding Poetry with Joseph Coelho, the poet helps children explore the way poetry can be inspired by the everyday world around us.

Best themed poetry collections

The poetry collections on are curated specially for children, and there's a huge number of themes to choose from: animals, seasons, cities, Black history, friendship, love, nature, school, sports, technology, travel and loads more!

Look through the handy poetry glossary for a quick guide to poetic terminology, too.

Best platform for young poets

Young Poets Network is The Poetry Society’s online platform for young poets up to the age of 25. There are articles about poets and poetry to read, new writing from young poets, challenges and competitions to the next generation of poets and advice from the rising and established stars of the poetry world.

Lots more ideas for poetry learning at home are available on The Poetry Society's website, including videos of poets performing and discussing their work.

Best world poetry resources

The Scottish Poetry Library's archive includes poems in British Sign Language, Cornish, English, Gaelic, Scots and Shetlandic!

The worldwide poetry learning and teaching resources cover poems and poets from Nigeria, Poland, Senegal, Bosnia–Herzegovinia, New Zealand and many more – a treasure trove of voices from different times and places.

Best creative poetry challenges

Looking for different ideas to inspire your child to try writing some poetry?

How about a preposition poem, or a poem written from the perspective of a favourite toy, or a truth-and-lies poem?

These free poetry ideas from Reading Realm are unusual and crazy enough to get the creative juices flowing and they can be adapted for KS1 or KS2 children.

Give your child a headstart

Give your child a headstart

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