Key Stage 1 SATs Maths practice papers G

KS1 Maths practice paper set G TheSchoolRun
Help boost your child's SATs confidence with our KS1 practice papers, designed to replicate the questions in the Year 2 assessments (based on the pre-2016 SATs format). Rounding numbers to the nearest 100, drawing four-sided shapes, calculating change and completing Carroll diagrams are some of the skills tested in the paper.
Key stage: Year 2, KS1
Subject: SATs, Year 2 SATs, Maths

TheSchoolRun's SATs practice papers are written by primary school teachers to help you assess your child's knowledge and preparation for the KS1 tests at home. Answers are provided to help you mark and review the paper with your child.

From 2016, children in Year 2 will sit new SATs exams in English and maths. These mock papers, available exclusively for TheSchoolRun subscribers, are based on the old SATs format, but can still be used to give your child valuable exam practice.

You'll find information and advice about all aspects of KS1 SATs in our Y2 assessments hub page.

Our KS1 SATs Learning Journey offers revision worksheets for the areas of maths and English tested in the end-of-key-stage tests.