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Learning the 4 times table: tips and tricks

4 times table tips and tricks
Practising the 4 times table with your child? Try educator John Bald's table-specific tips to help your child master it, then use 4 times table worksheets and games to consolidate the learning.

Learning the 4 times table

Once the 2 and the 3 times table are in place, even if still a little slow, learning the 4 times table tends to be a little easier.

Children are beginning to become used to switching between columns, and the numbers are all even and still below 50. As in the 2 times table, the final digit of each answer repeats itself after 5x.

 It can help children's understanding of number patterns to point out the links between the 2 times table and the 4 times table, and to emphasise doubling. (I would not do this if there were a risk of disturbing the developing knowledge of the table.)

4 times table tips and tricks

  • Give plenty of practice on 2s,3s and 4s together. This really helps with higher tables, and 5 will come as light relief.
  • Use two 2p pieces as units of 4 maths aids if you need to. These can then be split to reinforce the idea of doubling 2 and halving 4.

4 times tables practice worksheets and games

Give your child a headstart

Give your child a headstart

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