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Number lines

Number lines
Number lines are an essential tool in primary-school maths. Print out our colourful versions for use with your child at home, or use them as inspiration to help your child design (and perhaps decorate) their own number line.

What are number lines?

A number line is a visual representation of numbers arranged in order, usually from left to right. It's like a road where you can find all the numbers in a straight line. The middle of the number line is marked with a zero.

The farther you go to the right of the number line, the larger the positive numbers become, and the farther you go to the left, the larger the negative numbers become.

Our free number line resource has been created to help teach primary-school children about positive and negative numbers on a number line. With its vibrant colours and clear markings, this tool aids in understanding and simplifies the process of adding and subtracting.

Find out more about number lines and how they're used in lots of areas of primary maths in our article, What is a number line?, packed with plain-English explanations for parents.

While our product has been widely praised for its effectiveness, we acknowledge feedback regarding its physical size. Some users have found it challenging to accommodate in smaller classrooms or home settings. Rest assured, we are actively exploring solutions to this concern, including offering alternative sizes to suit different educational environments.