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Optional SATs papers: Y5 English set B

TheSchoolRun optional SATs papers: Y5 English set B
Exclusively available to TheSchoolRun subscribers, this Year 5 English mock optional SATs paper has been written by a primary-school teacher to mirror the official Y5 English optional SATs papers used in schools prior to 2016 to assess pupils' progress at the end of the KS2 school year.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 5

Until 2015, some schools used optional SATs to assess children's progress in English and maths at the end of Years 3, 4 and 5 (although official, externally-assessed SATs only take place at the end of each Key Stage in Year 2 and Year 6). Only a very limited number of official optional SATs papers were available to parents for at-home use (you can download them for free from TheSchoolRun), so we commissioned our own 'mock' papers.

In 2016, new SATs exams were introduced to reflect the revised National Curriculum. These mock papers mirror the 'old-style' optional SATs, but can still be used to offer your child extra practice opportunities and familiarise them with the kind of questions they'll find in the official papers.

Year 5 English optional SATs, set B includes:

  • Y5 English Reading paper, Story text (Greek Myths, Where in the world is Greece?)
  • Reading Answer booklet
  • Year 5 English Writing Assessment (Feature article: Meeting Medusa, A mythical creature owner’s manual)
  • Answers and mark scheme

All the papers and marking materials have been merged into one easy download.

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Download more Y5 English optional SATs papers

The official 2003 optional Y5 English SATs paper is also available to download, as well as another Y5 English optional SATs practice paper, set A.


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