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Phonics letters and sounds

Phonics letter and sounds worksheet
This handy phonics letters and sounds worksheet will help you practise each phonics sound with your child by the 7 groups they'll be learning them in. How many other words can you think of that give examples of each sound?
Keystage:  EYFS, Reception, KS1, Year 1

What are phonics letters and sounds? 

Phonics letters and sounds refer to a method of teaching reading and spelling that focuses on the relationship between sounds (phonemes) and the letters (graphemes) that represent them in written language. Some people call these alphabet sounds, but most primary schools will refer to this as phonics. 

How do you tell the difference between letters and sounds?

Letters are the written symbols we use in words. Each letter has a shape, like 'A', 'B', 'C', and so on. When we write words on paper or type them on a screen, we use letters. For example, when you write 'cat,' you use the letters 'c,' 'a,' and 't.'

Sounds, on the other hand, are the noises we make when we talk. For instance, when you say 'cat,' you make three sounds: 'kuh,' 'aah,' and 'tuh.' Each sound is like a small part of the word.

The fun part is that each letter matches up with a sound. So, when you see the letter 'C,' you know it makes the 'kuh' sound, like in cat. And when you see the letter 'A,' it usually makes the 'aah' sound, like in cat.

Teaching phonics helps kids learn these connections between letters and sounds. When they see the word 'cat,' they can figure out what sounds the letters make and blend them together to say the word. It's like a secret code that helps children to read and write!

What will you find in this Phonics letters and sounds worksheet?

Use this teacher-created phonics letters and sounds worksheet to help your child memorise groups of sounds and the letters they correspond with – displayed in a simple but visually effective way. The sounds are grouped into the order your child will most likely be learning them at primary school. 

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