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Phonics letters and sounds interactive resource

Phonics sounds tutorial
This handy interactive phonics letters and sounds resource will help you practise phoneme sounds with your child, organised according to the 7 groups they'll be learning them in. How many other words can you think of that include each of the sounds?
Keystage:  EYFS, Reception

What are phonics letters and sounds?

Phonics letters and sounds encompass a teaching approach for reading and spelling that emphasises the connection between sounds (phonemes) and the letters (graphemes) representing them in written language. While some may refer to them as alphabet sounds, they're commonly known as phonics in primary school education.

How can you distinguish between letters and sounds?

Letters denote the written characters used in words, each with its own distinct shape like 'A', 'B', 'C', and so forth. They are employed when writing words on paper or typing them on a screen. For instance, in the word 'cat,' the letters 'c,' 'a,' and 't' are used.

Sounds, on the contrary, are the auditory expressions we produce when speaking. For example, in saying 'cat,' three sounds are made: 'kuh,' 'aah,' and 'tuh,' each representing a component of the word.

The interesting part is that each letter corresponds to a sound. So, when reading the letter 'C,' one knows it produces the 'kuh' sound as in 'cat,' and 'A' typically represents the 'aah' sound, also in 'cat.'

Teaching phonics aids children in grasping these associations between letters and sounds. When they encounter the word 'cat,' they can discern the sounds the letters represent and blend them together to articulate the word. 

What does this Phonics letters and sounds resource offer? 

This fun and engaging phonics resource is easy to use and helps your child practice their letters and sounds. To use this interactive sound resource, click the orange 'Start the tutorial' button then follow the instructions, clicking the letters and graphemes to hear each sound.

Here's a link to the printable version of the Phonics sounds worksheet.

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