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Reading a pictogram

Reading a pictogram worksheet
This KS1 pictogram worksheet will help your child read pictograms and understand how to use them in their maths classes. It was created by an experienced teacher with the aim of supporting your child's learning at home.
Keystage:  KS1, Year 2, KS2, Year 3


What is a pictogram? 

A pictogram is like a picture that represents information or data. Instead of using words or numbers to show something, like how many people like different colours, it uses little pictures or symbols instead.

What is an example of a pictogram? 

Below is an example of a pictogram that indicates how many cupcakes were sold each day. One image of a cupcake represents six cupcakes. 

Example question:

How many cupcakes were sold on Thursday? 

Answer: 21

Pictogram example


How will this KS1 pictogram activity help my child? 

This expert-created free activity will help your child understand how to read pictogram and practise answering questions related to the data represented by the images. 

What is the activity?
A cupcake shop has opened on the High Street and it’s been very popular! You must read the pictogram and answer the questions (answers provided). Your child will need to be able to count in 6s.

For a fun interactive activity, try our pictogram tutorial, or have a go at another printable activity like Interpreting pictograms (for KS2).