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Secondary school stationery checklist

Stationery for secondary school
From sticky back plastic to 2B pencils and a scientific calculator, starting secondary school means stocking up on stationery! Make sure your child is well equipped with all the items they need for Y7 and beyond with our checklist.

At primary school, your child was probably provided with all the stationery supplies and books they needed. But once they move to secondary school, they'll be expected to have their own set of stationery and bring it to lessons with them. 

Your child's new school will provide you with a list of the uniform and equipment they need for starting Year 7, and if you're lucky, that will include their stationery requirements. But if not, our checklist will help you ensure they're well equipped for their first day and beyond. Please note that these are simply recommendations and it is always best to check with the school or a fellow parent before purchasing anything that might be provided by your child's school. 

We also have a guide to the best laptops for secondary school, if you're thinking of investing in a device for your child to use for homework and remote learning.

If you're still unsure what to buy and can't get hold of anyone from the school, try asking a friend with an older child who goes to the same school: they're usually the most reliable source of information!

Maths supplies

English/modern and foreign language supplies

NB: you may want to wait until term starts to buy these. Schools often have a preferred edition of dictionary and thesaurus, and some have them for sale at discount prices.

Computing supplies

Many schools will supply computing tools, so it's best to check before purchasing anything. You may want to consider a laptop for at-home use, as homework is often online. 

General stationery supplies

Exercise books and other books such as homework diaries are usually provided, so it's best to wait until term starts before buying your child their own.

Download your free secondary school stationery checklist

Click on TheSchoolRun's free secondary school checklist for a downloadable, printable version of this list to take to the shops when you stock up!

More starting secondary advice for parents and children

BBC Bitesize has a range of starting secondary school resources offering support and information about all aspects of secondary school life, from a typical day in Year 7 to tips on navigating a huge secondary school.

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Give your child a headstart

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