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Shading and naming fractions of shapes

Shading and naming fractions of shapes activity
In this Year 3 fractions worksheet, your child is asked to identify and colour in different fractions of shapes.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 3

What are fractions of a shape? 

Fractions of a shape involve dividing a geometric figure into equal parts and showing a specific portion of that shape. For example, if you have a circle cut into four equal sections and you colour in one of those sections, you're representing a fraction of the shape. In this case, the fraction is 1/4, indicating one part out of the four equal sections.

How will this fractions worksheet help my Year 3 child?

This Year 3 fractions worksheet helps your child to understand fractions of a shape, using visual learning in this teacher-created activity. Your child will be presented with different shapes, already 'cut' into sections and asked to shade in the correct fraction of the shape. It is important for your child to already be familiar with fractions and know, for instance, what a quarter is. has plenty of helpful information about fractions