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Best literacy home schooling resources
Best literacy home schooling resources
Whether your child is just learning to read and print letters or looking for ways to put their creative writing skills to the test, we've...
Best live streams for primary home learning
20 of the best live streams for kids
Help your primary-age child stay educated and entertained with our round-up of the best live streams taking place during lockdown.
Why children struggle with reading
9 reasons kids struggle with reading – and what you can do about it
Not all children take to books easily. If your child finds reading tricky, read our guide to the problems they might be having.
Best word puzzle apps for kids
Best word puzzle apps for kids
Help your child brush up on their spelling, phonics and vocabulary skills with these brilliant games-based apps.
Best apps for new readers
Best apps for new readers
Reading doesn't always have to involve books. We've rounded up the best apps for children who are learning to read, ranging from...
Best phonics apps for kids
Best phonics apps for kids
Turn screen time into learning-to-read time and help your child become a phonics whizz with these brilliant tried-and-tested apps for Apple and...
Parent and child reading
Could speech rhythm training help your child learn to read?
You’ve heard about phonics, but what is speech rhythm training and how could it give your child’s reading a head start?
Early years creative writing
Writing in the Early Years
From learning to hold a pencil to getting their thoughts down on paper, learning to write is a tricky milestone for children. We explain how it...
Best early reader tools
7 of the best early reader tools
From interactive games and apps to simplified reading books and learning-to-read devices, we love the early reader tools available to parents and...
What are phonics phases?
Phonics phases explained
How does your child master phonics, from learning letter sounds to reading fluently? We explain the phases they may follow in the primary-school...