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What is the ISEB?
What is the ISEB?
We take a look at the work of the Independent Schools Examination Board and the tests it sets.
What is a tutor-proof test?
What is a tutor-proof test?
Is there such thing as a tutor-proof 11+ test? TheSchoolRun investigates.
Moving house for school places: what the law says
Moving house for school places: what the law says
Considering moving house or renting a property to secure a place at your first choice of school? We have the facts you need to know.
11+ explained for parents
11+ glossary for parents
Preparing for the 11+ grammar school entrance exam can be as steep a learning curve for you as it is for your child. Along the way, you’re likely to...
Grammar school appeal template
Secondary school appeals template: grammar schools
Appealing the decision not to award your child a grammar school place? Use our sample letter to get the ball rolling.
Secondary school appeals letter template
Secondary school appeals template: comprehensive (non-selective) schools
If your child has missed out on their first choice of secondary school, use our free non-selective school appeals letter template to get your appeal...
What are banding tests?
What are secondary school banding tests?
They’re used to ensure schools admit pupils across a range of abilities, but how do banding tests actually work?
Parent and child homework
Be your child’s own 11+ tutor: parents’ tips
Could your child pass the 11+ without a tutor? We asked parents for their top preparation tips and advice on DIY 11+ tutoring.
School waiting lists explained
School waiting lists explained
Missed out on a place at the school of your choice? Joining the waiting list could keep the door open for your child.
Secondary school children
The parents’ guide to secondary school: transition for SEN children
Children with additional needs can find moving on to secondary school extra difficult. We suggest strategies to smooth the way.
Child and teacher in the classroom
What is a special school?
If your child has special educational needs, a mainstream education may not be right for them. We take a look at how special schools could help.
What is a scholarship or bursary?
Applying for scholarships and bursaries
Considering a private school but worried about the fees? Financial assistance could help make the dream a reality. We explain everything primary-...
GCSEs explained for primary school parents
The parents' guide to secondary school: GCSE options
At the end of Key Stage 3, your child will be asked to choose their GCSE subjects. We take a look at how they select their options.
Secondary school students
The parents' guide to secondary school: discipline
All secondary schools must have clear policies for dealing with bad behaviour, and rewarding the good. We take a look at the various types of...
KS3 and KS4 curriculum
The parents' guide to secondary school: KS3 and KS4 explained
What will your child learn at school in KS3 and KS4? We take a look at the secondary school curriculum from Year 7 up.
Secondary school setting and streaming explained
The parents' guide to secondary school: setting and streaming
All secondary school pupils are, to some extent, taught in ability groups. We explain how setting and streaming works.
Secondary school pupils
The parents' guide to secondary school: types of school
Not sure whether your child would do best at an academy, free school or grammar school? We explain the different types of secondary school.
Secondary school homework a guide for parents
The parents' guide to secondary school: homework
The amount of homework your child has to do will increase dramatically when they start secondary school. We explain what's involved.
Secondary students studying
The parents’ guide to secondary school: assessment explained
Exams are part and parcel of secondary school life, but do you know exactly what assessments your child will take?
Secondary school performance measures explained for parents
The parents' guide to secondary school: performance measures
Every parent wants their child to go to a secondary school that will help them reach their potential. We explain how to interpret the league tables.
Stationery for secondary school
Secondary school stationery checklist
From sticky back plastic to 2B pencils and a scientific calculator, starting secondary school means stocking up on stationery! Make sure your child...
Year 6 parent truths
30 things every Year 6 parent knows
Your child’s final year of primary school marks the end of an era. Here’s what every Year 6 parent learns during that emotional last year.
Child with mobile phone
Does your primary school child need a mobile phone?
‘Everyone else’ might have one, but does your primary-school child need a phone of their own, and how can you make sure they’re using it responsibly?
Children walking home from school
How to build your child's independence
Do you feel like you’re constantly nagging your child to get things done? Helping them develop their independent streak could help to break the trap.
Children playing in school playground
'Help! My child hasn't been offered a school place!'
Every year, a number of parents face the nightmare of not being offered a Reception place for their child in any local school. We explain what to do...
Pros and cons of single-sex primary and secondary education
Single-sex schools: the pros and cons
Would you consider a girls' school or boys' school for your child at primary or secondary level? We take a look at single-sex education and...
Creative child at the blackboard
What is a Steiner school?
Steiner schools place an emphasis on preserving childhood, music and arts with an internationally recognised curriculum, but what actually takes...
What is a prep school?
What is a prep school?
A prep school education can be the stepping stone to a place at one of the UK's best secondary schools. We explain how the system works.
Child taking exam
How to handle the 11+ test day
Your child has done all their prep, and now the big day is looming. How can they make sure they do their best?
Pupils in school library
What is an all-through school?
More and more schools are opening up that provide education for all children from age three to 19. We look at the pros and cons of this new model of...
Secondary school physics
6 of the best ways to get off to a great start at secondary school
Your "baby" is starting Year 7 – but are you ready to be a secondary-school parent? We asked Parentkind’s Policy & Communications...
Selective and super-selective schools explained
What are selective and super-selective schools?
Places at selective and super-selective schools are highly sought after, with many applicants for every place – but what's the difference...
12+ and 13+ explained for parents
What is the 12+/13+ late transfer test?
If your heart is set on a grammar school place for your child but they didn't pass the 11+ you could consider late transfer test. We explain the...
Equal preference explained
What is the equal preference system?
How do schools take your rankings into account when you apply for a place? We explain how equal preference works.
What is a grammar school?
What is a grammar school?
What could a grammar school offer your child, and how does the application process work? We explain in our grammar school guide for primary-school...
Choosing an 11+ tutor
Choosing an 11+ tutor
Every parent wants their child to have the best chance of 11+ success, and choosing the right tutor could be the key. We explain how to find the best...
Common entrance exams explained
What are Common Entrance exams?
Common Entrance exams are the route to an independent senior school education for many children. We explain what’s involved.
What is an independent school?
What is an independent school?
Considering sending your child to a private school? We give you the lowdown on the independent education sector.
Secondary school transfer days
Secondary school induction days: what to expect
The transition from primary to secondary school is a big step for your child, but summer term induction days can help them to prepare for their new...
GL Assessment 11+ grammar school entrance tests explained for parents
GL Assessment 11+ tests explained for parents
It’s one of the main developers of grammar school entrance exams in the UK, but what do GL Assessment’s 11+ tests involve?