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Video: Correct wrist position for handwriting

Correct wrist position for handwriting video
TheSchoolRun's new handwriting videos feature experts from the National Handwriting Association offering tips to help parents improve their children's handwriting. This video offers advice to help position the wrist correctly for fluid, comfortable handwriting.

Advice and tips on establishing the best wrist position for handwriting, from Occupational Paediatric Therapist Catherine Elsey from the National Handwriting Association.

Handwriting: why wrist position matters

You might assume that neat handwriting is all down to the way in which your child holds their pencil - but the position of their wrist plays an important part too.

Wrist stability is essential for comfortable writing and helps children develop a fluent style - something that becomes particularly important in Key Stage 2 and beyond, when they're expected to be able to write large amounts and for long periods of time.

So how should your child position their wrist to improve their handwriting?

  • Their paper should be placed at a slight angle to their body - pointing uphill if they're right-handed, and downhill if they're a leftie.
  • The outside edge of the hand and wrist should rest against the paper, rather than the heel of the hand and inner wrist. This helps to control the muscles of the hand.
  • The wrist should be below the writing line, not up in the air or hooked above it: this enables your child to see the tip of the pencil as they write.
  • Don't press too hard!
  • Top tip: it can be difficult to see how your child is holding their wrist if they're wearing a jumper or cardigan, so get them to roll up their sleeve so you have a better view of their position.
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