Word puzzles for Key Stage 1 English

Word puzzles for Key Stage 1 English learning pack
Take a break from homework and spelling drills with this collection of word puzzles for Key Stage 1! Each one covers a different concept that your child will learn in English lessons, but presents it as something to solve by remembering what they've been taught in class.
Key stage: Year 1, Year 2, KS1

Looking for a different way to help your child improve their English skills? These fantastic word puzzles are a great way to reinforce what your child is being taught while engaging them in some brain-training fun. Use these puzzles to give your child a break from the books, and watch them enjoy the challenge of solving a wordsearch or crossword using the grammar and spelling rules they're learning in class. We've included a handy guide in the beginning of the pack that explains which English concepts the puzzles focus on, explaining everything from complete sentences to connectives.

Whether your child needs a little help understanding the difference betweeen common and proper nouns, or just likes having something to figure out on their own such as completing a wordsearch with words hidden for each letter of the alphabet, this pack gives them the chance to turn classroom learning into educational play!