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Year 6 spelling tests pack

Year 6 spelling tests pack
Help your child improve their spelling in the run-up to KS2 SATs with our Year 6 spelling practice tests. Designed to help revise the common spelling patterns taught at the end of primary school, the 11 tests will boost your child's confidence (and spelling skills!) and ensure they're practising the correct words during Y6.
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Keystage:  KS2, Year 6

Spelling is a big part of the Y6 SATs. Boost your child's confidence and help your child practise Year 6 spelling patterns and tricky words with our end-of-KS2 spelling lists, designed to be used at home to revise the words taught as part of the Year 6 English curriculum.

For more advice about improving spelling in Year 6 read our spelling strategies for KS2 SATs; for more practice activities look through our Year 6 spelling worksheets.


Spelling tests for primary-school children

Look through our guides and practice test packs for advice to help your child with spelling throughout primary school: