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Children's health articles

Teacher in primary class
New school rules on teaching sex education & gender identity
A new policy will soon be published that will strictly regulate what younger children learn in regards to sex education and the concept of gender identity. Primary school headteacher Matt Revill provides an in-depth look at this controversial change and shares his views as an educator.
Vape in hand
Kids at risk: tackling vaping in schools
With vaping becoming more popular among older kids, parents and educators must address its rising presence in schools as soon as possible. Matt Revill, experienced educator, addresses the upcoming ban and how we can protect our children's health in today's fast-changing world.
Child having temperature check
How to protect your family from back-to-school bugs
After a break from school it's common for children pick up various sickness bugs soon after they return. Dr. Rebecca Rohrer, Medical Director at Bupa UK, provides crucial insights to assist in maintaining your family's health and preventing sickness.
Green cooking for kids
Green cooking for kids: healthy food that's good for the planet
Is your child a future eco-foodie? Learn to cook healthy sweet or savoury crêpes, veg-peel crisps and apple and ginger flapjacks with an extract from Green Kids Cook, a sustainable cooking and living guide for kids from cookery writer and teacher Jenny Chandler.
Alternative provision in education
'Alternative provision has helped my daughter's social skills and confidence'
Being educated outside school in alternative provision can help children who struggle with mainstream schooling. One mum shares her story.
What is alternative provision?
What is alternative provision?
Children who have difficulties with school may fare better in alternative provision. We take a look at what you might expect if your child is moved to an alternative education setting.
Lyme disease explained for parents
Lyme disease in children explained
What causes Lyme disease, and how can we prevent it? We asked Lyme Disease UK for their advice.
Transforming family walks
12 ways to make walking fun for kids
Take the whinging out of walking with these great ideas for helping your child enjoy getting out and about.
Safeguarding in primary schools
Safeguarding in primary schools explained
What do schools have to do to keep children safe from abuse and neglect? What should you do if you suspect a child is at risk? And what will happen if your child is referred to social services? We answer your questions about safeguarding primary school children.
I Am Not a Label
Why children’s books need more disabled representation
Actor, children’s author and former CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell shares what it was like growing up with a disability, and why children’s books need more disabled characters.
Road safety for tweens: the parents' guide
Road safety for tweens: the parents' guide
Travelling to school or to see friends alone is an important milestone for children at the end of primary school and moving to secondary, but pedestrian accidents peak at age 12. Help your child learn to travel safely with the Child Accident Prevention Trust's road safety action plan for tweens.
Back to school sleep routine
Getting your child back into a school sleep routine
A good night's sleep is essential if your child is to learn and achieve, but what if their sleep patterns have gone haywire over the holidays?
Supporting a child with special educational needs during difficult times
Special educational needs: navigating change
If your child with SEN is struggling with changes to their daily routine, read our advice on helping them cope during challenging times.
The primary school parents’ guide to chickenpox
The primary school parents’ guide to chickenpox
Chickenpox can spread through schools like wildfire, so how can you help your child, and how long do they need to stay off school?
Safety rules for children
The safety rules every child must know
Help your child stay safe at home and out and about by teaching them these important water safety, fire safety, road safety, home safety, animal safety and stranger danger basics.
Winter health for primary school children
The primary school parent’s guide to winter health
From treating coughs and colds to knowing if your child needs antibiotics, here’s our guide to keeping primary-school children as healthy as possible this winter.
Managing deafness at primary school
Managing deafness and hearing impairments at school
Help your child cope with hearing loss at primary school with expert advice from the National Deaf Children's Society.
Managing child's gaming and screen time
How much gaming is too much?
Every parent worries about the amount of time their kids spend gaming and it can be difficult to know what restrictions to put in place. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to parenting a gamer, but here are some tips to help you get the best out of their gaming time.
Sex and relationships education: parents' questions answered
Relationships and sex education: your FAQs answered
How is Relationships and Sex Education changing and why is it so controversial? We did a little digging and spoke to experts to help us debunk some of the myths surrounding RSE in primary school.
The Welsh ALN Act explained for parents
The Welsh ALN Act explained
From September 2020, new provision for special educational needs will come into force in Wales. We explain the new ALN Act.
Childhood vaccinations explained for parents
The parents’ guide to childhood vaccinations
Which vaccines should you have and when, and how do they protect your child and others? We take a look at the childhood vaccination schedule in the UK.
Managing migraines in primary schools
Managing migraines in primary schools
Around 10% of primary-aged children suffer from migraines, and they can have a big impact on school life. Lucy Dimbylow explains what parents need to know.
Managing epilepsy in primary school
Managing epilepsy at school
With most children with epilepsy attending mainstream schools, we take a look at how to help your child cope with their condition and its impact on their school life.
Best apps for children with special educational needs
Best apps for children with special educational needs
If you're supporting a child with special educational needs, try these brilliant apps to help make life easier, at school and at home.
Be more active on the school run
10 ways to be more active on the school run
Could you pledge to leave the car at home and turn the school run into an opportunity to get some exercise?
Managing toileting problems in primary schools
Managing toileting problems in primary schools
With continence issues on the rise amongst children, how can you expect your child's school to deal with wetting or soiling accidents?
Sunscreen and primary school
Sun safety in primary schools
Keeping your child safe in the sun is a priority for every parent, but how can you make sure they're protected during the school day?
Hypermobility in children
Coping with hypermobility at school
So-called 'double jointedness' can cause children problems at school. We take a look at how to help your child cope.
School attendance explained for parents
The parents' guide to school attendance
How many days per year is your child expected to be in school? What happens if they’re ill or you want to go on holiday? We explain the facts around school attendance.
Best kids' books about puberty and sex
Best children's books about puberty and sex
Clear, accurate information that's age-appropriate is essential when you decide to use a book to help you discuss puberty and sex with your children. We've picked some of the best books to help you make potentially awkward conversations easier, whatever your child's age. You know your child best, so always check you're happy with the level of detail and information in a book before you share it with them.
Headlice checking
Your step-by-step guide to dealing with headlice
Helen Maddin, Vosene Kids headlice expert, provides useful tips on the steps to take to help combat headlice.
Checking for head lice
Your tools in the war on headlice
Nits are the bane of many a parent's life, so arm yourself with these weapons to stay on top of headlice.
Child unwell in bed
The parents' guide to scarlet fever
As doctors warn of an epidemic of this contagious illness, we explain what scarlet fever is and how to spot the signs.
Headlice comb checking
Natural solutions to headlice
Fed up of headlice but not keen on using strong chemicals on your child's hair? We round up the best natural treatments.
Sepsis and bacteria in blood
Spotting the signs of sepsis in children
It's known as the 'silent killer,' but would you know the symptoms to look out for? We explain everything parents need to know about sepsis.
School letter about headlice
8 reasons kids get headlice
A third of kids will get headlice at some point of each school year. We take a look at what causes the spread – and how you can help contain it.
Headlice detection combing
How to spot headlice
Not sure how to check your child for nits – or even what headlice look like? Follow our step-by-step guide to dealing with lice at every stage.
Unhappy child: school refusal
Coping with school refusal
What do you do if your child develops a phobia of going to school? We look at strategies for handling school refusal.
Medicine in schools
Medication in primary schools
What should you do if your child needs medicine during school hours? We take a look at the guidelines.
Father and son talking
Talking to children about mental health
The way we talk to our children about mental health issues could influence their attitudes as they get older. SANE chief executive Marjorie Wallace gives her advice on opening the conversation.