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Multiplication square

Free multiplication square to download
A multiplication number square will help your child spot number patterns and begin to learn their multiplication tables and square numbers. Download TheSchoolRun's free, colour-coded multiplication tables to help them practise their multiplication facts and times tables at home.
Keystage:  KS1, Year 2, KS2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

A number square can be used to help children spot and work with number patterns. A multiplication number square is a visual aid to help children recognise the sequence in which each set of multiples occurs.

Multiplication squares are colour-coded to make the multiplication patterns easy to spot; the blue and yellow multiplication square below also highlights square numbers.

A multiplication / times tables square is a great resource to help your child practise all of the times tables up to 12 in one place. To find the answer to any multiplication problem up to 12×12 they simply match the numbers at the top and sides of the multiplication square.

Completing a blank multiplication square by filling in the blank boxes with the correct number is a good multiplication knowledge checking activity: TheSchoolRun also has some pre-made multiplication square practice activities to download: