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Phase 2-5 phonics sounds mats tutorial

Interactive phonics sound mats
These handy interactive phonics sounds mats will help you practise each of the phonics sounds your child will learn in Reception and Year 1, grouped in the phonics phases (2-5) they will learn them in.
Keystage:  EYFS, Nursery, Reception

What are phonics phases?

Phonics phases are a structured way of teaching children how to read and spell by breaking down words into their individual sounds, or phonemes. These phases are designed to gradually introduce new sounds and spelling patterns in a systematic manner, starting from basic skills and progressing to more complex ones. 

There are typically six phonics phases, but the exact approach may vary depending on the educational system.

What are phonics sound mats?

Phonics sound mats are helpful tools used in early reading lessons to help kids learn their letter sounds. They can be big posters, stuck up on walls, that show all the different sounds that letters make in words or they can be smaller handouts that can be used practically in class. So, if your child is learning the letter 'a,' they'll see it on the mat along with the sounds it can make, like 'a' as in apple and 'ā' as in cake. These mats make learning phonics fun and easy for children. 

Our colourful phonics phases sound mats present the phonemes and graphemes children learn to read in Reception and Year 1, organised according to their phonics phase. Here's a link to the printable version of the phonics phases sound mats.

Look through all the phonics worksheets, activites and games on TheSchoolRun to find the best resources for your child.

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