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You and your child's teacher articles

School child holding chalkboard
Transition time: what Year 6 parents need to know
In this week's School Savvy blog, primary headteacher Matt Revill explains how Year 6 children gear up for the big leap to secondary school. From tackling anxieties to celebrating primary school memories, find out how schools try to make this transition smooth and exciting for your child.
Child giving teacher gift
Thank a Teacher Day: Head's most memorable gifts
In this week's School Savvy blog, headteacher Matt Revill reveals the most memorable and bizarre presents he and his colleagues have received on Thank a Teacher Day, with some tips on how to show your appreciation this year.
Teacher reading book
Election 2024 buzz: changes for primary schools
A General Election has just been announced for July 2024, and it will have a ripple effect on all aspects of society. But what do parents need to know about the impact on their child's education? Matt Revill, primary school head, offers his insights and opinions, breaking down the possible changes heading our way.
Teaching assistant helping child
Concerning trend: schools cutting teaching assistants
Teaching assistants play a crucial role in primary schools, providing essential support to both students and teachers. However, recent cuts in TA numbers threaten the quality of education. Matt Revill, primary school teacher, explains in this week's blog why TAs are indispensable and what we can do to ensure they remain a vital part of our classrooms.

Man taking photo
Class photos excluding SEND children
School picture day – it used to be about crisp uniforms, forced grins and quick comb-throughs. But a recent news story has highlighted a rarely addressed issue: the importance of inclusion for children with complex needs. Primary school head teacher, Matt Revill, delves into this timely topic in our School Savvy blog.
Mother helping child get ready
Teacher concerns: nearly half of school starters not ready
Matt Revill, experienced educator and primary-school headteacher, unravels recent findings about school starters and how new pupils struggle with basic skills to help them function in the classroom. In this week’s blog, he attempts to bridge the gap between what parents think and what teachers experience.
School teacher in class
Ofsted halted: what parents must know
You might have seen a lot about Ofsted in the news lately. The school inspectorate is under the spotlight and it looks like changes could be on the horizon. In this week’s School Savvy blog, headteacher Matt Revill takes a look at what’s happening and explains what parents need to know.
Child picking crayons Tina Floersch unsplash
Is your child left-handed (and does it matter)?
With 90% of the world made up of right-handers, how does being left-handed affect learning at school? Hetty Walton, mum to left-handed daughter Isobel, 11, investigates.
Child looking sad as parents argue
Co-parenting a primary school child after separation
If you’re trying to overcome the hurdle of co-parenting a primary school child after parental separation then you’re not alone. Should you inform the school of changes at home? What should you do about childcare, school trips, and parents’ evening? Get top tips from experts and seasoned co-parents about the ups and downs of parenting after separation or divorce.
The parents’ guide to primary school reports
The parents’ guide to primary school reports
The time has come to open that all-important envelope, but what can you expect the report inside to say?
What are inset days?
What are inset days?
Inset days are far from a day off for school staff. We asked the experts to explain what happens on these important training days.
Safeguarding in primary schools
Safeguarding in primary schools explained
What do schools have to do to keep children safe from abuse and neglect? What should you do if you suspect a child is at risk? And what will happen if your child is referred to social services? We answer your questions about safeguarding primary school children.
What is a social story?
What is a social story?
Social stories can help children with special needs understand situations that might crop up at school or at home. Primary school SEN Inclusion Lead Julie Steele explains how they work.
Back to school after homeschooling
Supporting your child’s return to school
If your child is going back to school after a period of homeschooling, it’s natural for you both to be nervous. Read our top tips for easing the transition back to the classroom.
Teachers' tips for parents' evenings
Teachers’ tips for parents’ evening
How do teachers approach their own children’s parent consultations? What do they wish we would and wouldn’t do? We asked them to share their insider tips.
School exclusions explained for UK parents
6 reasons children are excluded from school – and what you can do about it
Every year, thousands of pupils are excluded temporarily or permanently from primary schools. We look at the facts behind the figures.
Discipline in primary school
Discipline in primary schools: restorative practices
More and more schools are adopting a behaviour model that encourages kids to take responsibility for their actions. So how do restorative practices work?
Starting Reception
21 things your child’s Reception teacher wants you to know
Your child isn’t the only one who has a lot to learn in their first year of school. Here’s what their teacher wishes you’d do – and not do.
Reception starters' meeting questions
19 questions to ask at the Reception starters’ meeting
The Reception starters' meeting is your chance to ask your burning questions about what happens when your child starts school. Our ideas will help you find out everything you need to know.
Child working in classroom
Setting and streaming explained
Teaching children by ability happens in many primary schools in the UK, but how do setting and streaming work in practice?
How to volunteer in primary school
How to help out at your child's school
Helping out at your child’s school is a great way to find out what they’re getting up to. We explain how to get your foot in the door.
Social media school policies
School social media policies explained
With cyber safety and online bullying becoming increasingly problematic, many schools are adopting social media policies. But what do these documents actually do?
TA and pupil reading
What is a teaching assistant?
Far from being just an extra person to buy an end-of-term gift for, teaching assistants (TAs) can play an important part in your child’s learning. We explain what their role involves and how they'll help in the classroom.
Pupil and teacher in class
What is an NQT?
All Newly Qualified Teachers have to do on-the-job training to be able to teach in state schools, but what does it actually mean for your child to be taught by an NQT?
Ofsted reports explained for parents
Ofsted inspections explained for parents
Reading Ofsted reports is likely to be one of the first things you do when you’re choosing a school for your child, but what do the inspections actually involve?
What is PPA time?
What is PPA time?
All teachers are entitled to time out of the classroom to prepare and mark lessons. We explain how it works and how it affects your child.
Making a school complaint
Making a complaint about your child’s school
Who should you approach if you’re unhappy with something that has happened at school, and what if they don’t take you seriously? We explain how to make an official complaint about your child’s school.

Parent, teacher and child meeting
Should you take your child to parents’ evening?
Does bringing your child to a parent-teacher meeting give them valuable input or get in the way of frank conversation? We discuss the pros, cons and practicalities.
Parent-teacher meeting problems
How to handle a disappointing parents' evening
No one likes to hear bad news at a parent-teacher meeting, but knowing how to respond could help your child turn the issue around. By Lucy Dimbylow.
Bilingual child learning at school
How being bilingual affects your child’s education
One in five primary school children speaks a language other than English at home. We find out how this affects their learning, and what schools (and parents!) can do to help.
Terry's Chocolate apple gift
Best teachers' gifts
A teacher can change a child's life – and attitude to learning – forever. We've found some of the most original (and delicious) ways to say thank you to the person who has enriched your child's school year, whatever your budget. Chocolate and biscuits, personalised bags, mugs and accessories, charity donations and more – all great tokens of your appreciation for the work of an inspirational teacher.
School exclusions
School exclusions: everything primary-school parents need to know
Parents faced with their child being excluded from school are often very upset and confused. Moira Holden looks at the regulations that surround the exclusion process.
Working with a SENCO
How to work with your child’s SENCO
Having a healthy working relationship with your child’s SENCO can help ensure they get the support they need. Here’s how to ensure you make a good team. By Lucy Dimbylow
How a SENCO can help your child
How a SENCO could help your child
If your child has a special educational need, the school’s SENCO is likely to play a big part in his day-to-day life and learning. Lucy Dimbylow highlights nine ways in which she can help make your child’s school journey easier.
School problems
7 common school life problems solved
Every parent wants their child to be happy at school, but what if there’s a problem? Here’s our step-by-step guide to tackling and resolving some of the common issues that might crop up in primary school.
Student and teacher
Teachers’ top 10 classroom discipline tricks
Does every homework session end in tears and tantrums? Or are you losing sleep over getting your child to learn their spellings? Lucy Dimbylow asked the people who manage 30 children at a time (gulp!) – teachers and teaching assistants – to share their tried and tested tricks.
Boy unhappy at school
‘My teacher hates me!’
There are some things you never want to hear your child say, and when it comes to his education, “Mummy, my teacher doesn’t like me!” tops the list. So what can you do if your child insists the teacher thinks they’re bottom of the class? Sarah Ebner offers some advice.
Parent teacher meeting
The beginner's guide to parent-teacher meetings
There’s a lot you can do to make sure you get the most out of meeting with your child’s teacher. Here’s TheSchoolRun’s guide to handling your first parents’ evening.
Parent teacher meeting tips from real parents
Whether you’re preparing for your first meeting, or want to improve on past experience, these top tips will help you know what to get out of your time with your child’s teacher.
Teacher and pupils in classroom
12 ways to build a great relationship with your child’s teacher
We all want the teacher to love our child (and us too!) so Lucy Dimbylow asked them to share their top parenting peeves, along with the things that parents can do at school and at home to make their job easier. Teachers’ pets, us? Yes please!