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Optional SATs papers: Y4 maths 2003

Optional SATs papers: Year 4 maths 2003
Children are often tested to assess their progress at the end of the school year in Years 3-5. This download is the Year 4 maths optional SATs paper for 2003, free for parents to download and use at home.
Keystage:  KS2, Year 4

Prior to 2016, many children took optional SATs in Years 3, 4 and 5 to assess their learning.

In 2016, a new style of SATs was introduced to reflect changes to the National Curriculum. These official Year 4 optional maths SATs from 2003 are the 'old-style' papers, but are still useful for giving your child exam practice and brushing up on number skills.

This pack includes:

  • Y4 maths SATs 2003 paper 4a (levels 2-3)
  • Mark scheme, paper 4a
  • Y4 maths SATs 2003 paper 4b (levels 3-4)
  • Mark scheme, paper 4b
  • Mental maths pupil answer sheet
  • Mental maths test transcript

All the papers and marking materials have been merged into one easy download.

Paper 4a or Paper 4b?

A choice of two test papers is available, depending on your child's ability (some of the questions are the same for both papers). If your Y4 child finds maths challenging they should complete Paper A. If your child is confident about maths they should take Paper B. For more about understanding SATs results see our parent's guide.

Official SATs in KS1 and KS2

For information about SATs for Y2 children read our beginner's guide, Your KS1 SATs questions answered. To download KS2 (Year 6) official SATs papers, and read about how the assessments are changing in 2016 and beyond see our guide to Y6 tests.

Download Y4 English optional SATs papers

The 2003 optional Y4 English SATs paper is also available to download.

All official SATs papers available on TheSchoolRun are © QCA / QCDA / Department for Education and reproduced under the terms of the Open Government Licence (see our Terms and conditions for further details). They are intended for home use / private study only.