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Year 1 Maths Mastery Workbook

Year 1 Maths Mastery Workbook
Build your Year 1 child's maths confidence step by step with our maths mastery workbook, packed with practice activities and teacher tips to help you consolidate their understanding at home.
Keystage:  KS1, Year 1

Maths mastery, an Asian approach to mathematical teaching which was introduced to UK schools in 2016, aims to help children develop a deep, confident understanding of maths. 

Practice – and lots of it! – is the foundation of the maths mastery learning culture, so TheSchoolRun's maths mastery year-group workbooks are packed with opportunities to put skills and understanding to the test with different hands-on activities and approaches. Mastery helps teach children how to reason and show proof and evidence for their thinking. As their maths skills improve they will be asked to solve increasingly complex problems and explain their methods to demonstrate their understanding.

In the Year 1 Maths Mastery Workbook your child will work on place value activities, learn to use arrays (to understand the commutative nature of multiplication), begin to measure using the correct mathematical terminology and be introduced to fractions.

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